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The tourbillon is a highly sought-after and expensive complication. What can we say about a watch with four independent synchronized tourbillons, as is the case for Richard Mille Replica Watches Invention Piece 2 that works independently to improve accuracy? It is no surprise, then, that the Richard Mille Replica Watches Invention Piece 2 was awarded the Best Watch of the Year in the category Complication at the recently held GPHG Awards 2012.

Invention Pieces: Showing off InnovationsIn less that a decade, Richard Mille Replica Watches has launched several impressive innovations in horology based on their proprietary development method named Experimental Watch Technology.Best Replica Watches This includes the creation and testing new solutions within the brand's lab. Invention Pieces (IP) is a collection that focuses on the brand's innovations. There have been three watches so far in this series, each of which was dedicated to a specific innovation. It is confusing that the latest of these watches has the serial number 2 and not IP 1 (IP 1 was released in 2007 and IP 3 a year later).

Invention Piece 2: A Tribute To Quadruple-TourbillonAs has been stated, Invention Pieces were created as a tribute to Richard Mille Replica Watches’s major innovations. Quadruple Tourbillon, first introduced in 2008, featured two double tourbillons with a spherical difference. Invention Piece 2 uses this technology but in a completely new and improved package, with two double tourbillons on opposite sides. Invention Piece 1 celebrated the double tourbillon innovation of the 30deg twins. Each one is composed of an outer tourbillon that rotates at a full rotation every four minutes and an inner tourbillon which rotates at an angle of 30 deg and once per minute. Four tourbillons are important because they provide exceptional accuracy.Richard Mille Replica Watches They use four independent tourbillons that rotate at different speeds to minimize the effects of gravity. The two double tourbillons are connected by a spherical diffeoe that distributes torque, allowing the tourbillons rotate at different speeds.

The view from the sideThe Calibre GF03n, which is this timekeeper's exceptional movement, has 594 parts. Each of its double tourbillon system consists of 129 components. Double tourbillon systems dominate the 3-dimensional skeletonized watch face, as expected. Three protuberances are also noticeable on the case. They're not only visually interesting, but they also allow this intricate timepiece to have a diameter of only 43.5mm. A sapphire crystal window at 8 o'clock on the case provides an additional look into the workings of the double tourbillon.