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Willard Wigan has entered the world watchmaking. This is a wonderful thing for those of us who are admirers of the incredible work of this artist. This renowned micro-sculptor, along with Omega Replica Watchess founders Robert Greubel, and Stephen Forsey are working on an unimaginable timepiece in the art and watchmaking fields. Their groundbreaking creation, Art Piece 1, which is still in progress, was presented on September 6, 2012 at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair.

The work in progress displayed in Greubel-Forsey Time Art GalleryGF,Omega Replica Watches Bund18 in Shanghai from September 7 to 9 was also shown in the gallery. Art Piece 1 will likely be unveiled in its final form at the 2013 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie.

Robert Greubel, Stephen Forsey, and Willard Wigan discovered Willard Wigan's remarkable nano-sculptures in 2005. This gave them the idea to create a unique creation, both in terms of architecture and complexity, but also innovation. Of course, the famous artist was needed to help with this long-term endeavor. He happily accepted.

Art Piece 1 will, when completed, bring together the different creative languages of three experts. The power of such a thrilling unity is beyond imagination. Greubel and Forsey have been working on a rotating hexagonal structure which will include several Wigan nano-sculptures. These figures will be visible thanks to the specially designed optics that will be integrated into the Art Piece 1. They measure only a few millimeters,IWC Portofino Replica less than 1/13th the size of a rice grain.

Willard Wigan's creations are only visible through a powerful microscope. They can be found in the eye or head of a needle as well as on a grain sugar. Wigan uses unusual tools such as the hairs of dead flies as a brush, spider web, legs from flies, Kevlar and gold. He also plays with actual sizes of insects, miniature objects, and micro-sizes of iconic images of pop culture. This requires extreme concentration and strict physical discipline. Queen Elizabeth II awarded Wigan an MBE for his remarkable work and services to the arts.